Willand Parish Council has applied to Mid Devon District Council to designate the parish area for the Neighbourhood Plan. Comments are invited about the suitability of the Parish Council’s proposed Neighbourhood Plan Area boundary and the deadline for any comments is 12 noon on Friday 21 January 2022. Please view poster using this link Poster Area Designation or visit MDDC website using this link for full details MDDC LINK

Willand Parish is developing a Neighbourhood Plan for its area. This is a new type of plan which allows Willand to set out land use planning policies and a strategy for how the area should change (or not) in the future. These will have to conform with the strategic planning policies set by Mid Devon District Council’s Local Plan and will have considerable weight in the planning process for Willand. The final plan will have to involve thorough consultation with the village, and independent scrutiny.

The development of the plan is driven by both the Parish Council and the local community via a Neighbourhood Planning Group. This Group is responsible for ensuring that the eventual plan represents the overall views of those living and working in the area. This site and the Parish Council Facebook page will be one of the key ways the NPG will to engage with the wider village, although by no means the only one.

If you want to get involved or have any contributions, comments or questions at any time please send them to us at npg@willand-pc.org.uk.

A Neighbourhood Plan can:
Protect open spaces and community facilities.
Protect areas of land for conservation, biodiversity and landscape value.
Suggest improvements to public and green spaces and infrastructure (roads, schools, community facilities etc.).
Help secure funding for infrastructure and other projects.
Require green measures as part of developments of land and buildings

A Neighbourhood Plan can refer to but not put any legal force behind:
Any policies which conflict with the national or District Council strategic planning policies-  Improving services such as social care, refuse collections, grass cutting, etc.
Setting speeding limits or enforce parking restrictions
Controlling development of land and buildings that do not need planning permission.



Willand Neighbourhood Plan: Original Project Plan

Consultation “windows”:
C1 = Launch and initial awareness raising (“soft” consultation)
C2 = Community questionnaire published (not suggested as part of Willand process given recent survey undertaken earlier in 2020)
C3 = Community consultation (event / exhibition and publicity) on evidence feedback, emerging themes, draft vision, aims and objectives for comments and
C4 = Consult on development site options (if appropriate / necessary)
C5= Share first draft of plan with community only to get comments and endorsement
C6 = Pre-submission consultation (including formal consultation with statutory consultees, but consult widely on content of plan)
S = Submission to local authority

Notes and Assumptions:

  • The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (NPSG) will meet regularly to review outputs and monitor progress.
  • Key decisions must be taken by the Parish Council.
  • The Project Plan will be reviewed and amended if necessary, periodically.
  • Formal consultation events/activities are a bit unpredictable because of Coronavirus measures, and August and December are usually to be avoided.
  • Relevant documents produced by the NPSG will be made available on the Neighbourhood Plan pages of the Parish Councilwebsite.
  • If development site allocations for housing and / or employment are not made in the Plan, the time set out for the Plan to be produced could reduce by around 4-6 months.
  • The post-submission stage is largely subject to Mid Devon District Council and the appointed Examiner.  It can take around 3-4 months.

Revised Timetable for delivery of plan


Terms of Reference

Willand Parish Neighbourhood Plan Survey