Thursday 21 May 2020 - 19:00 at Online

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1. Apologies

2. To receive any declarations of interest from Members on any of the agenda items.

3. Chairman’s announcements

4. Public questions on any of the agenda items

5. Minutes of meetings of the Committees of the Parish Council to be agreed all have been circulated
a) Finance & Administration Committee held on 19 December 2019
b) Environment Committee held on 27 February 2020
c) Planning Lighting & Transportation Committee held on 12 March 2020
d) Full Council held on 16 April 2020 by video conferencing

6. Items relating to the running of the Council as affected by Covid-19.
i) The Corona Virus Act 2020 and its accompanying Regulations remove the requirement for Councils to hold the annual general meetings at which the chair and other appointments are made and current arrangements may remain in place until May 2021. Willand Parish Council decided not to hold an AGM and Councillors Warren and Phare will remain as Chair and Vice Chair for the coming year. Councillor Grantham will continue as representative on the Willand Village Hall Committee and Councillor Little will remain as the United Charities Representative.
For Decision
ii) Adoption of Standing Orders, Financial Regulations and Code of Conduct until May 2021.
iii) It is proposed that the following arrangements for virtual meetings be adopted
(1) Full Council be held each month including in August as long as the emergency arrangements are required. This meeting will deal with all issues required on that date.

(2) Finance and Admin Committee will continue to meet quarterly if there is work to be dealt with that cannot be dealt with at Full Council for reasons of complexity or time required.

(3) Planning matters will be dealt with by delegation to the Clerk and Chair after notification to all members, as previously agreed. If a member wishes an application to be discussed and decided upon by Council then a special planning meeting will be called if time constraints do not allow it to be dealt with at Full Council.

(4) A Special meeting can be called by the Chair or appropriate number of Councillors as set out in Standing Orders to deal with any matter requiring urgent attention or requiring more time than a normal meeting agenda could accommodate.

7. Items for consideration
i) Audited Accounts 2019 – 2020
a) Approval of the Annual Governance Statement
b) Approval of the Accounting Statements for 2019/20
c) Approval of response to the letter from the internal auditor

ii) Play area provision
a) Replacement play equipment for Jubilee Field enclosed playground, information circulated by email.
b) Replacement of play area surface in enclosed playground Jubilee Field

8. Reports from
a) District Councillors Chesterton, Evans and Warren
b) County Councillor Radford

9. Finance
a) Payment Authorisation of invoices received for payment since the meeting on 16 April
b) Income in April
c) To discuss allocation of reserve funds for projects in the coming year

10. Neighbourhood Plan
To receive an update on the development of the Neighbourhood Plan

11. Meeting dates
Formal meetings have been suspended in line with Government guidelines
Notification of online meetings will be published on the Village notice boards, the Parish Council website and published on Facebook
Full Council Thursday 11 June 2020
Finance & Administration Committee Thursday 18 June 2020
Full Council Thursday 09 July 2020

12. Councillors Roundtable
To receive any further information from Councillors and to highlight future agenda items.

13. Communications
a) To consider the Parish Council response to the following:
(i) 4/5/2020 response from MDDC regarding issue of parking in Somerlea circulated 4 May
(ii) 7/05/2020 Email request for support from CHAT circulated to Councillors on 7 May
(iii) 15/05 Email request from MDDC for assistance putting up planning notices during Covid-19
(iv) 7/05/2020 Email from member of public raising concerns about the Parish Council agendas circulated 11 May The agendas are correct in their layout, but are missing the reports, and also the appendixes on that you are discussing. The missing information is for the public to access as this is a public meeting in the public domain. Anyone wishing to read the full text can receive it on request to the Clerk.

b) Communications received since 8 April and forwarded to Councillors by email:
i) Request from MDDC for consultation on the Planning Design Guide – Supplementary Planning Document response required by 6 July so on June agenda for discussion. Documents available through the Parish Council website or MDDC website.
ii) Request from MDDC to review the Parish Charter to see if still fit for purpose, will be on the June agenda, current document is on the Parish Council website on the documents page or on MDDC website deadline 31 July 2020
iii) Request from MDDC to consult on public open space all documents and information available on the Parish Council website or MDDC website deadline 17 July for discussion at June meeting

c) Communications not referred to Councillors
70 plus emails offering various services, seminars or equipment.

14. Planning items for discussion
a) 20/00674/HOUSE
Proposal: Erection of a single storey rear extension and two storey side extension
Location: 41 South View Close Willand
MDDC Link 20/00674/House

b) 20/00165/HOUSE revised details on front fence
Proposal: Erection of first floor and two storey extensions, conversion of garage to living accommodation and erection of 1.22m high wooden fence to top of front wall.
Location: St Davids Silver Street Willand Cullompton Devon EX15 2RG
MDDC Link 20/00165/HOUSE

Kate Taylor
Clerk to Willand Parish Council

15 May 2020


Notes for the Finance agenda items 7 and 9

End of year account information 2019 – 20 for AGAR item 7 b

Balances brought forward 2019 137,327
Total income 2019/20 94,458
Total expenditure 2019/20 97,684

Balances carried forward 2020 134,101

Total cash in bank 126,854

Fixed assets value 39,578

These balances include the current reserves funds the underspend for the year 2019/20, and the VAT reclaim

7c Letter from internal auditor attached below, suggested action is for the clerk to respond explaining the historical reserve funds and reasons for them, outlining why despite efforts some have not been spent this year. Highlighting success of fundraising efforts for new equipment which has meant that reserve has not been spent, pointing out that precept on average less than £1 a week for residents.

Item 9c
The Parish Council have for a number of years allocated money to reserve funds for specific projects such as the cemetery extension, maintenance and development of play areas, they are detailed below. Last year with the change to members of the Council it was agreed to hold the underspend in a general reserve fund in order for members to identify possible projects and developments during the year.
The underspend for the year 2019/20 was £18,164 of which it was agreed to support the budget for 2020/21 with £5,000 leaving £13,164 to allocate to projects that the council agree, this could be added to the general reserve fund in the interim until the decision is made.

Reserve funds as at the end of March 2020
Operational Reserve 13,000.00
Cemetery 28,644.00
Jubilee Field 17,039.00
Other play areas 14,656.00
Neighbourhood plan 1,580.00
Community Event 5,222.00
Other including Community Facilities 8,687.00
General reserve fund 19,680.00

Kate Taylor
Clerk to Willand Parish Council


To Chairman and Parish Councillors,
I am again minded to draw attention to your very high balances at the end of March 2020. These stand at a figure of £134,101 which compares with reduced reserves of £88,828 for:
Cemetery extension £28,644
Jubilee Field £17,039
Play area development £14,656
Opportunity reserve £15,489
Operational reserves £13,000
These balances are 150% of these ‘’allocated funds’’
The question to be asked is why are you accumulating all this money and how can you justify continuing precepts of around £56,000 when you have such large balances in hand.
Yours Truly

M Phillips
Internal Auditor

21st April 2020

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