On line meeting of the Parish Council

Thursday 13 August 2020 - 19:00 at On line meeting


The co-option of any person wishing to stand as a Parish Councillor who has already provided notice of this to the Clerk to fill the vacancies following two resignations.
1. Apologies
To receive and agree any apologies from Councillors
2. To receive any declarations of interest from Members on any of the agenda items.
3. Items brought forward from the Chair
4. Public questions on any of the agenda items
5. Minutes of the meeting held: Thursday 9 July 2020 (circulated)
6. Reports
a) Crime in Willand reported to the police in June 2020
Devon & Cornwall Police Crime Map
b) District Councillors Chesterton, Evans and Warren
c) County Councillor Radford
7. For information and discussion
i) Football posts had been repaired and replaced in the Jubilee Field.
ii) Greater Exeter Strategic Plan to receive any further information from Councillors who had agreed to look at it.
iii) To agree the response to the proposed removal of the public phone box in Silver Street, any comments received from residents after the proposal being circulated on social media.
iv) To discuss the response to the Corona Virus pandemic in the village and whether the telephone helpline supported by the Parish Council should now be discontinued until needed again.
v) To discuss the question raised by the school about a flashing speed sign in Silver Street and subsequent information from Councillor Ray Radford regarding DCC decision on reviewing speed watch in Devon Information circulated by email 24/07 and SCARF report published on the website 7 August 2020.
vi) Jubilee Field youth shelter and increase in anti-social behaviour, to decide what action to take.
8. Finance
a) Payment Authorisation of invoices received since 9 July 2020
b) To note the income in July 2020
c) 2019/20 Audit
To agree the arrangements for publishing the declaration of conclusion of the audit
9. Neighbourhood Plan
To receive an update on the development of the Neighbourhood Plan – Councillor Little
10. Meeting dates
Thursday 13 August – Full Council
Thursday 10 September – Full Council
Thursday 17 September– Finance and Administration Committee meeting
Thursday 08 October – Full Council
11. Councillors Roundtable to receive any further information from Councillors and to highlight future agenda items.
12. Communications
a) To consider
i) Email from resident: There would appear to be an increase in vehicles parked either side of the road narrowing section at the junction of Orchard Way and Willand Moor Road. This is particularly noticeable on the Orchard Way side especially in the evenings. With vehicles parked then the road becomes single track for a much greater distance and traffic is thus congested. The simple installation of yellow lines would rectify the position and let the existing road narrowing scheme do its job. Thank you for giving this matter the council’s attention.
ii) Email from resident: As a new cyclist and trying to get fit and healthy as recommended by Boris I’d like to find out what is being done locally by our parish council to introduce more cycle routes?
iii) Planning information received, to note the applications and decisions received and to agree any response as necessary.
a) 20/00838/HOUSE Amended Description and Additional Information
Proposal: Erection of domestic outbuilding
Location: 6 Poppy Close Willand Cullompton
b) 20/01231/TPO
Proposal: Application to fell 1 Oak Tree (T1) protected by Tree Preservation Order No.96/00014/TPO
Location: 12 Pear Drive Willand Cullompton
c) 20/01229/TPO
Proposal: Application to reduce the height of 1 Yew tree by 1.5-2.5m, reduce low branches over pavement by 1-1.5m, reduce branches on road aspect by 2.5m and reduce the crown by 1-1.5m on North side, protected by Tree Preservation Order 67/00006/TPO
Location: 37 Townlands Willand Cullompton
d) 19/01156/FULL This will be discussed at Mid Devon Planning Committee on 12 August.
Proposal: Installation of a 24MW Reserve Power Plant with associated infrastructure
Location: Land at NGR 302839 111143 Lloyd Maunder Road Willand
b) Communications received since 3 July 2020 and forwarded to Councillors by email:
SCARF report published on website 7 August
2 Rural services funding digest
5 Rural services bulletins
10 MDDC Committee meetings
9 Mid Devon press releases on a variety of subjects
Devon County Council articles relating to COVID-19
July News from Hospice Care
Devon Climate Emergency August newsletter
Information on Recyclable Christmas lights
Devon County Council on line meeting to discuss delivery of a County wide charging network
Invitation to Rural Housing and Community Led Housing hub Focus Group meeting on 22 July
Update on The Local Electricity Bill’s Reintroduction
Involve covid -19 bulletin no.4
Blackdown Hills AONB newsletter – July 2020
Devon Communities together newsletters
c) Communications not referred to Councillors
90 plus emails offering various services, seminars or equipment.

Kate Taylor
Clerk to Willand Parish Council
7 August 2020

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