Full Council

Thursday 13 August 2020 - 19:00 at Online Meeting via ZOOM


There were no applications to be co-opted on to the Parish Council.

Present: Councillors Grantham, Little, Phare, Scott, Warren, Whatley, Wilcox
In attendance: DCC Councillor Radford (part) MDDC Councillor Evans (part), Clerk K Taylor, 1
member of the public.

  1.  Apologies were received from Mid Devon District Councillor Chesterton.
  2.  It was agreed to receive any declarations of interest at the appropriate agenda item.
  3.  Items brought forward from the Chair
    The Chair emphasised that the odour issues from local businesses should be reported to the
    Environment Agency as they occurred. He stated that this does ensure it is dealt with, the more
    reports they receive the more action that they will take.
  4. There were no public questions
  5. Councillor Wilcox proposed that the minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 9 July 2020 were
    signed, Councillor Scott seconded the proposal and it was unanimously agreed.
  6. Reports
    a) A total of 17 Crimes had been recorded on the crime map in June in the Willand area.
    b) District Councillor Warren gave a brief report that the local plan was adopted on 29 July, and the
    new policies in the plan would now be in force. The Greater Exeter Strategic Plan had been
    discussed by MDDC Councillors and it was voted to delay this by 7 votes to 1. There had been a
    presentation on COVID -19 from DCC Public Health and Mid Devon had been clear of cases for a
    week. It was important to continue to take suitable precautions. He reported that there was a
    great deal of work being undertaken at District level regarding the Climate Emergency.
    TPO for Meadow Park is valid until October it had been pulled from July meeting of Planning
    Committee and was not considered at the August meeting.
    When Councillor Evans joined the meeting he reported that he had suggested to Councillor
    Radford that he ask the DCC Highways Officers what could be done on Silver Street to alleviate
    the speed issue. He gave a brief update on the situation with regard to Two sisters and would be
    chasing them to find out if the work held up by the pandemic was now being done to mitigate the
    odours. With reference to the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan he pointed out that being part of a
    larger structure could improve the opportunities for gaining Government funding for large
    infrastructure projects.
    c) County Councillor Radford had provided a report which had been circulated to all Councillors.
    There were no questions on this. He informed the Council that DCC had passed a motion to
    review speed watch and the installation of flashing signs in an attempt to reduce speed in parishes.
  7. For information and discussion
    i) Football posts had been repaired and replaced in the Jubilee Field.
    ii) Councillor Grantham had read the papers relating to the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan and gave
    a brief report on the areas of growth he had identified as proposed for the area local to Willand.
    iii) In the absence of any comments from residents Councillor Wilcox proposed that the Clerk
    respond to the proposal to remove the telephone box in line with the previous response
    highlighting that it was still maintaining some usage each month. Councillor Whatley seconded the
    proposal and it was unanimously agreed.                                                                                                 ACTION: Clerk
    iv) Councillor Wilcox proposed that the Parish Council discontinue the Covid-19 telephone helpline
    in the village from 8 September. Councillor Whatley seconded the proposal but following
    discussion the proposal was defeated by 4 votes to 2 with one abstention. Councillor Little
    proposed that the line be maintained and reviewed again in two or three months, Councillor
    Grantham seconded the proposal and it was carried by 4 votes to 2 with one abstention.
    v) There was a detailed discussion on the question raised by the school about a flashing speed
    sign in Silver Street following which Councillor Wilcox proposed that the Clerk explore the
    possibility of the Parish Council putting a speed limit flashing sign outside the allotments or just
    before Meadow Park turning in the village. Councillor Phare seconded the proposal and it was
    unanimously agreed.                                                                                                                              ACTION: Clerk
    Following discussion it was agreed that the Clerk and Councillor Wilcox would investigate the
    possibility of amending the village signs to include wording to slow down and bring back a firm
    proposal to the next Full Council meeting.                                                                                              ACTION: Clerk/Councillor Wilcox
    vi) There was a full discussion on the Jubilee Field youth shelter and increase in anti-social
    behaviour. Councillor Wilcox proposed that the sides were removed and were cleaned off. The
    site to be monitored while the sides were removed to see whether they should be replaced.
    Councillor Little seconded this proposal, Councillor Whately made a second proposal that the
    shelter should be removed completely, Councillor Grantham seconded this proposal. The Chair
    invited a vote on the second proposal which was defeated by 4 votes to 2 with one abstention.
    The Chair invited a vote on the first proposal to remove all the side panels which was carried by 4
    votes to 2 with one abstention.
    It was agreed that the Clerk would give an order to the handyman to remove and store the sides.
    ACTION: Clerk
  8. Finance
    a) Councillor Phare proposed that the monthly payments be approved. Councillor Wilcox
    seconded the proposal and it was unanimously agreed. The payments are attached at the end of
    the minutes.                                                                                                                                              ACTION: Clerk
    b) The income in July 2020 was noted and Chair thanked Cllr Radford for money towards the
    picnic bench.
    c) It was agreed that the 2019/20 completed Audit form would be put on the website immediately
    with the notice of completion put up for 14 days. The same notice would be put on the notice
    boards by the clerk when convenient and would remain until convenient to remove. The Chair
    thanked Councillor Wilcox and the Clerk for their work on the audit.                                                      ACTION: Clerk
  9. Neighbourhood Plan
    To receive an update on the development of the Neighbourhood Plan – Councillor Little gave a
    brief report on the progress of the group, its membership and the way it was planning to move
    forward. In particular asked if anyone was aware of a young person who might be interested in
    joining the group. He listed the following issues that have been highlighted as important.
    Pathways and cycleways, Infrastructure and community, Housing, Employment,
    Care of the Environment, Traffic. He mentioned that the group were looking for local people who
    were interested in one of these areas.
  10. The next meeting dates were agreed as follows
    Thursday 10 September – Full Council
    Thursday 17 September– Finance and Administration Committee meeting
    Thursday 08 October – Full Council
  11. Councillors Roundtable
    i) Councillor Little raised the possibility of either a separate meeting, or a specific agenda item to
    discuss priorities for the Parish Council during the next year. He agreed to progress this by
    contacting all Councillors for ideas and suggestions before the next meeting.
    ACTION: Councillor Little/Clerk
    ii) Councillor Wilcox raised that she was experiencing delay with MDDC taking quite a lot of time to
    respond to things that are raised.
    iii) Councillor Grantham informed the Council that he is arranging to meet the contractors in
    preparation for the replacing of the play area equipment in the Jubilee Field in September.
    iv) Councillor Whatley raised the issue of the overgrown hedges around the village and it was
    agreed that she would send this information to the Clerk for action.
    ACTION: Councillor Whatley/Clerk
    v) Councillor Whatley asked about the use of electric scooters which were being ridden on the
    pavements. It was noted that this was illegal and the police should be informed.
    vi) Councillor Whatley raised questions regarding the large lorries driving down Elderberry Way,
    residents in Somerlea regarding parking issues and the notices regarding dog wardens.
    vii) Councillor Whatley also asked when the Parish Council would be able to meet in person
    again. The Clerk confirmed that the advice was still to meet remotely but that guidelines had been
    issued as to assessments to be done prior to a face to face meeting. She would circulate the
    information to Councillors.                                                                                                                     ACTION: Clerk
  12. Communications

a) To consider

i) Email from resident regarding the parking at the road narrowing section at the junction of
Orchard Way and Willand Moor Road. The clerk had responded on behalf of the Council and
outlined the information she had sent.

ii) Email from resident regarding cycle routes the Clerk outlined the response she had given
regarding the Neighbourhood Plan group looking at this issue and she had also given her the
contact details to the NPG and put her in touch with another cyclist to provide safe route

iii) Planning information received, to note the applications and decisions received and to agree any
response as necessary.

a) 20/00838/HOUSE Amended Description and Additional Information
Proposal: Erection of domestic outbuilding
Location: 6 Poppy Close Willand Cullompton
The Parish Council agreed that it had no objection to this amendment to the application but would
like to have confirmation from a bona fide tree specialist that the tree would not suffer any damage
by the construction of the tree house.                                                                                                     ACTION: Clerk

b) 20/01231/TPO
Proposal: Application to fell 1 Oak Tree (T1) protected by Tree Preservation Order
Location: 12 Pear Drive Willand Cullompton
It was agreed that the Parish Council should respond that it had no objection provided that the
MDDC Tree Officer agreed.                                                                                                                    ACTION: Clerk

c) 20/01229/TPO
Proposal: Application to reduce the height of 1 Yew tree by 1.5-2.5m, reduce low branches over
pavement by 1-1.5m, reduce branches on road aspect by 2.5m and reduce the crown by 1-1.5m
on North side, protected by Tree Preservation Order 67/00006/TPO
Location: 37 Townlands Willand Cullompton
It was agreed that the Parish Council should respond that it had no objection provided that the
MDDC Tree Officer found the proposals acceptable.                                                                             ACTION: Clerk

d) 19/01156/FULL
Proposal: Installation of a 24MW Reserve Power Plant with associated infrastructure
Location: Land at NGR 302839 111143 Lloyd Maunder Road Willand
The application was discussed at Mid Devon Planning Committee on 12 August. Councillor
Warren reported that it had been refused on the grounds that it is in open countryside and was not
renewable energy.

b) Communications received since 3 July 2020 and forwarded to Councillors by email:
SCARF report published on website 7 August
2 Rural services funding digest
5 Rural services bulletins
10 MDDC Committee meetings
Mid Devon press releases on a variety of subjects
Devon County Council articles relating to COVID-19
July News from Hospice Care
Devon Climate Emergency August newsletter
Information on Recyclable Christmas lights
Devon County Council on line meeting to discuss delivery of a County wide charging network
Invitation to Rural Housing and Community Led Housing hub Focus Group meeting on 22 July
Update on The Local Electricity Bill’s Reintroduction
Involve covid -19 bulletin no.4
Blackdown Hills AONB newsletter – July 2020
Devon Communities together newsletters
c) Communications not referred to Councillors
90 plus emails offering various services, seminars or equipment.
The communications were noted.

The meeting closed 21.08

Councillor Barry Warren
Chair of Willand Parish Council


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