Full Council

Thursday 9 July 2020 - 19:00 at Online Meeting via ZOOM


Councillor Warren had given his apologies therefore Councillor Phare took the Chair and opened
the meeting at 19.00.

Present: Councillors Grantham, Little, Phare, Scott, Tobin, Whatley, Wilcox,
In attendance: MDDC Councillors Chesterton, Clerk K Taylor, Administrator F Tucker, 1 member
of the public.

1. Apologies were received from Councillor Warren, DCC Councillor Radford, and MDDC
Councillor Evans

2. No declarations of interest were received.

3. No Items brought forward from the Chair

4. There were no Public questions on any of the agenda items

5. Councillor Scott proposed that the minutes of the Full Council meeting held on 11 June 2020 by
video conferencing be signed as a true record, Councillor Little seconded the proposal, it was
unanimously agreed and the minutes were signed.

6. Reports

a) District Councillor Chesterton gave a brief report on the Local Plan, which having been agreed
by the inspector was before Cabinet who were preparing to take it to full Council for approval. He
reported on the cross party review on Governance system in Mid Devon, on which he sat. The
timetable had been held up by COVID-19, and there was no new deadline for when it would be
finished. Greater Exeter Strategic Plan had been published and is out for consultation by District
Councils and will be out to the public in September for consultation. Councillor Chesterton
confirmed that there are five sites in Mid Devon being consulted on but none in Willand and land
north of Willand up to junction 27 of the M5 is not being consulted on as it is not currently included
in the Greater Exeter Strategic plan, although land owners might seek to change this.

b) County Councillor Radford had circulated a brief report which included reference to speed
survey done in December by SCARF, the Doing What Matters initiative and that the recycling
centres had eased up on restrictions for taking waste. He also referred to the impact that COVID19 had had in the County and on the budget for DCC. He reminded that it was important to
continue to take precautions.

7 a) Progress Reports for information
i) It was confirmed that the date for the replacement play equipment in the Jubilee Field had been
delayed until mid-September.
Ii) There was no further update on the replacement of the surface of the skateboard area.
iii) The Clerk had submitted the response to the consultation on the Design guide.
iv) The Clerk had circulated a report based on the decisions made at the Council meeting of 11
June with regard to the consultation on Open Spaces (Dog orders) and taking into account
Councillors comments had submitted to MDDC and put on the website.

7b) Items for discussion and decision
i) How the Parish Council respond to the MDDC questionnaire on the draft code of conduct.
This item had been previously discussed before the questionnaire had been received. It was
agreed that the Clerk would circulate the questionnaire and proposed comments before submitting
them. It was noted that individual Councillors could comment if they so wished. ACTION: Clerk
ii) There was a full discussion around the safety aspects of reopening the enclosed play areas.
Following the MDDC decision to reopen play areas from 6 July residents had asked when this
would take place. Mid Devon officers had begun their inspections of all the sites, it was expected
that the reports for Willand would be received in the week beginning 13 July. Councillor Tobin and
the Clerk had prepared an in depth risk assessment which was discussed. A point of clarity was
raised on PPE and hand gel and it was agreed to amend the assessment to make it clear that this
would be issued to employees. There was discussion regarding signs to be posted to ensure the
public were aware that the playgrounds were unsupervised and not regularly cleaned so they
would need to take their own precautions for their children. Councillor Grantham made the point
that he considered it too soon to do this, but recognised that it was part of the Government easing
of the lockdown situation. Councillor Tobin proposed that following the amendment to the risk
assessment, installation of signage and the receipt of satisfactory inspection reports the Parish
Council reopen the enclosed play areas. Councillor Wilcox seconded the proposal and it was
carried by 6 votes for, Councillor Grantham voting against the proposal.
ACTION: Councillors Scott/Tobin/Clerk

8. Finance

a) Payment Authorisation for invoices received since 11 June.
Following clarification from the Clerk on the invoices Councillor Wilcox proposed that the monthly
payments be approved. Councillor Grantham seconded the proposal and it was unanimously
agreed. The payments are attached at the end of the minutes. ACTION: Clerk
b) The income in June was noted
c) The Income & Expenditure report noted

9. Neighbourhood Plan – Councillor Little

a) Councillor Little proposed that the Terms of Reference for the Neighbourhood Plan Group be
adopted by the Parish Council, Councillor Wilcox seconded the proposal and it was unanimously
b) Councillor Little gave a brief overview of the direction that the work was developing in and the
development of the group.

10. The dates of the next meetings of Full Council were confirmed as being Thursday 13 August
and Thursday 10 September 2020

11. Councillors Roundtable

Councillor Little raised the following points:
i) If the Parish Council would wish to comment on the 20/00003/TPO Tree Preservation Order on
land at Meadow Park due before the MDDC planning committee. It was agreed that there was no
need for further representation at the planning committee meeting.
ii) The application by Willand Service Station to amend the licence for selling alcohol to cover the
opening hours of the premises and it was agreed that the parish council had no objection to this.
iii) 20/00976/RPPS Proposal: Removal of public payphone service: Telephone Number 01884
35961 Location: Adjacent to Bus Shelter Silver Street Willand Devon
It was agreed that this should be put out to the public for wider consideration and consultation. It
was agreed that there were valid reasons to retain the phone box and that a response should be
prepared ready for agreement at the next full council meeting. ACTION: Clerk
Councillor Grantham asked about the removal of the goal post from the Jubilee Field and the Clerk
confirmed that this was done for safety reasons and that MDDC had been contacted about the
process for repair and replacement which was now in hand. It was agreed that the Clerk should
liaise with the handyman to ensure the repair was made. ACTION: Clerk
Councillor Wilcox asked about the social media comments she had seen regarding the cemetery
grass cutting. The Clerk had not received any direct communication and explained that the grass
had been cut by someone on behalf of the contractor who was recovering from an operation,
Councillor Little had been to the cemetery and reported that it looked tidy. Councillor Wilcox also
reinforced the decision that information regarding the reopening of the play areas should be put on
social media.

12. Communications

a) To consider
i) The Clerk explained that the public consultation on the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan would be in
September. It might be that a few Councillors would want to look at it in more detail and refer back
to the Parish Council with recommendations. Councillor Chesterton suggested that there may be
strategic policies in the document that the Parish Council might want to respond to. Councillor
Little suggested that there might be areas that were of interest in the neighbourhood planning
process and he would therefore look at it. It was agreed that the Clerk would ask Councillor
Warren to be involved in this and Councillor Phare also agreed to look at the document.
ii) it was agreed to renew the Parish Council membership to Devon Communities Together.
b) Communications received since 5 June and forwarded to Councillors by email:
Reopening of the Boundary Commission consultation on draft review end date 19 July 2020
Email from the Power for People regarding the Local Electricity Bill going before parliament.
Text from resident asking for breakdown of reserve funds.
NALC Points of Light 2020
Request from graduate student for circulation of a consultation on bus use in Devon
23/06 CHAT Newsletter & information about new project starting Helping people manage debt.
26/03 June news from Hospice Care
4 Rural Services network updates
7 Mid Devon Committee notifications
8 Mid Devon press releases covering various topics relating to work during the pandemic.
8 Devon County Council articles relating to COVID-19
MDDC decision notice to approve planning application 20/00674/HOUSE.
MDDC consultation on planning applications 20/00932/HOUSE Proposal: Erection of two storey
extension Location: 5 Gables Court Willand Cullompton. It had been agreed to respond with no
objection to the development but to question the proposed cladding to the building and whether it
would be in keeping with the surrounding area.
20/00876/MFUL Proposal: Construction of Cullompton Town Centre Relief Road comprising new
1350 metre road connecting Station Road to Duke Street and associated works
Location: Land at NGR 302456 107324, Cullompton, Devon. It was agreed that the Parish Council
would not object to this application. ACTION: Clerk
MDDC 20/00003/TPO Tree Preservation Order for 45 Pedunculate Oaks and mixed broadleaved
trees in woodland. Land at Meadow Park Willand Devon
Email from Calor Rural Community Fund regarding public support and voting.
c) Communications not referred to Councillors
Request from personal fitness trainer for information about open spaces in Willand.
80 plus emails offering various services, seminars or equipment.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 20.08

Full Council Minutes

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