Full Council

Thursday 8 July 2021 - 7pm at St Mary's Church Hall, Willand

1.  Apologies
To receive any apologies from Councillors
To receive any declarations of interest from Members on any of the agenda items.
Items brought forward from the Chair
Public questions on any of the agenda items
Minutes of the meeting held: Thursday 10 June 2021 (circulated)

a) Crime in Willand reported in May 2021 per Devon & Cornwall Police Crime Map (To follow)
b) District Councillors Chesterton, Evans and Warren
c) County Councillor Radford           (To follow)

Progress Reports for information
a) VAS system update from Highways Group
b) Ownership of land at Silver Street/Plum Way – to receive an update
c) Appointment of new internal auditor – to receive an update from the Clerk
d) Non-domestic rate bill for Cemetery – Clerk to provide update re small business rate relief
e) To note the Parish Boundary Review is scheduled for later in 2021, as confirmed by MDDC’s Chief Executive

For discussion and decision
a) Vacancy for councillor – to receive an update from the Clerk and discuss
b) To discuss the future of the hedge in front of Worcester Crescent playpark
c) To discuss the initial proposal for Constituency boundary changes by the Boundary Commission BOUNDARY COMMISSION LINK with responses due by 2 August. Consider how to encourage villagers to make their responses too. (Cut off date for the next Willand Magazine is
14 July).

a) Payment Authorisation of payment of invoices received since 10 June 2021  )
b) Income received in June 2021   ) To follow
c) Income and Expenditure report as at end of June 2021 )

Neighbourhood Plan
To note the planned meeting of Willand community organisations on 27 July 2021.

Meeting dates
Thursday 12 August 2021 – Full Council meeting (NOTE: only if needed for urgent business); also to agree the venue i.e. Church Hall or Willand Village Hall, should it go ahead.
Thursday 9 September 2021 – Full Council meeting
Thursday 16 September 2021 – Finance and Administration Committee meeting
Working Groups – to note any scheduled dates

Councillors Roundtable to receive any further information from Councillors and to highlight future agenda items.
13. Communications
A) To consider
i) Response to MDDC’s letter of 30 June regarding Buildings At Risk Survey and Register (circulated)

B) Communications received since 5 June and forwarded to Councillors by email:

i) Current Planning Applications

a) 21/01026/HOUSE
Proposal: Erection of a garden room
Location: 3 Hillcrest Willand Old Village Willand
Response submitted:
Willand Parish Council has considered this application and feel that they have insufficient information supplied to make an informed recommendation.
There is room within the curtilage for the structure and the loss of two parking spaces would still leave the site compliant with policy in relation to parking spaces.
What is of concern is that the floor plan shows a completely open area yet the window configuration suggests that there will be separate rooms.
The application form refers to ‘unknown’ in relation to foul water.  Clarification is needed as to intended use as if it is to be accommodation then it needs to be conditioned in relation to preventing it being a separate property.

b) 21/01155/TPO
Proposal: Application to crown reduce by 3-4 metres and reduce over extended lateral limbs of 1 Silver Birch protected by Tree Preservation Order 02/00005/TPO
Location: 2 Aspen Close Willand Cullompton
Response submitted:
The tree appears to be quite a small specimen and there is no evidence of damage to property, disease or danger to residents or passers-by at this time.
There does not appear to be any justification for the proposed works.
The Parish Council cannot support the application on the information provided but will support the findings of the Tree Officer/Consultant from MDDC.

c) 19/01679/MFUL
Proposal: Construction of ground-mounted solar PV panels to generate up to 49.9MW (Site Area 60.78ha) and battery storage facility together with all associated works, equipment and
necessary infrastructure
Location: Land at NGR 303437 103555 East of Langford Mill & Tye Farm Langford
To note the application has been placed on the Agenda for consideration by Members at the hybrid meeting of the Planning Committee on 14 July 2021.

ii) Planning decisions notified for information

a) 21/00699/TPO
Proposal: Application to reduce the crown of 1 Oak tree by 1.5-2m and reduce lower lateral limbs towards the house by 1m, protected by Tree Preservation Order
Location: 26 Oak Crescent Willand Cullompton
Decision: grant permission

b) 21/00541/HOUSE
Proposal: Erection of a fence following removal of existing wall
Location: 3 Bramley Close Willand Cullompton Devon
Decision: grant permission

c) 21/00602/FULL
Proposal: Erection of 1.22m fence above existing brick wall
Location: Karma Gables Road Willand Cullompton
Decision: grant permission

d) 20/01483/TPO
Proposal: Application to shorten the lowest branches on the South and East side of 1 Oak tree by 2m and reduce regrowth from previous pruning back to old pruning points ,
protected by Tree Preservation Order 99/00002/TPO
Location: 4 Cornflower Close Willand Cullompton Devon
Decision: grant permission

e) 21/00951/HOUSE
Proposal: Conversion and extension of garage to form annex
Location: 1 Mulberry Close Willand Cullompton Devon
Decision: grant permission

f) 21/00839/TPO
Proposal: Application to reduce the crowns of a group of 3 Oak trees overhanging the garden of 19 Tamarind by 2-3m and reducing branch lengths by up to 4m, protected by Tree Preservation Order 73/00012/TPO
Location: Land at NGR 303275 110786 (Adj. 19 Tamarind) Meadow Park Willand Devon
Decision: grant permission

iii) Newsletters and other correspondence

4 Mid Devon Press Releases
11 NALC bulletins and events newsletters
7 DALC newsletters
6 Mid Devon meeting notifications
4 Rural Services Network bulletins
Hospiscare Newsletter
8 Devon Communities Together bulletins
2 SLCC news bulletins
1 CPRE newsletter
4 Devon County Council Coronavirus Updates
Blackdown Hills newsletter
Mid Devon Town and Parish newsletter

C) Communications not referred to Councillors

77 emails offering various seminars, equipment and services.

Barbara Bodkin
Clerk to Willand Parish Council

2 July 2021

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