Full Council

Thursday 10 June 2021 - 7pm at St Mary's Church Hall, Willand

1. Apologies
To receive any apologies from Councillors
2. To receive any declarations of interest from Members on any of the agenda items.
3. Items brought forward from the Chair
4. Public questions on any of the agenda items
5. Minutes of the meeting held: Thursday 13 May 2021 (circulated)
6. Reports
a) Crime in Willand reported to the police in April 2021
Devon & Cornwall Police Crime Map
b) District Councillors Chesterton, Evans and Warren, to include report* from Councillor Evans on 3 weekly rubbish collections trials (* Data emailed 5 June)
c) County Councillor Radford (To follow)
7. Progress Reports for information
a) VAS system – to discuss report circulated by Councillor Scott (To follow)
b) To note that guttering and water butt have been installed on the byre at the cemetery
c) Parish Councillor vacancy has been notified by Clerk to Electoral Services at MDDC
d) Chestnut Drive play area – to note that MDDC have confirmed they are going through the procurement process for new equipment and it is still open at the moment.
e) Ownership of land at Silver Street/Plum Way – to agree next step e.g. contact DCC.
MDDC have been unable to identify any ownership as the developers (Magnus) appear to have owned up to and including the hedges.
8. For discussion and decision
a) To approve expenditure of £150 for creation of a template front page for the Parish Council website in readiness for future announcements
b) To approve expenditure of £120 + VAT for the Clerk to attend ILCA (Introduction to Local Council Administration) course, in preparation for the CiLCA qualification
9. Finance
a) Payment Authorisation of payment of invoices received since 13 May 2021 )
b) Income in May ) To follow
c) Income and Expenditure report end of May )
d) Approval of Annual & Monthly Regular Payments for 2021/22 Financial year (Attached)
10. Insurance
Confirmation of renewal arrangements for insurance cover in respect of insurable risks. (Circulated 20 May)
11. Neighbourhood Plan
To consider a report following the Neighbourhood Planning Group meeting on 8 June (To follow)
12. Meeting dates
Thursday 10 June 2021 – Full Council meeting
Thursday 17 June 2021 – Finance and Administration Committee meeting
Thursday 8 July 2021 – Full Council meeting
Thursday 12 August 2021 – Fully Council meeting (NOTE: only if needed for urgent business)
Working Groups – to note any scheduled dates
13. Councillors Roundtable to receive any further information from Councillors and to highlight future agenda items.
14. Communications
A) To consider
i) Government’s consultation on the introduction of a “Duty to Protect”, survey per link below: (Emailed 27 May)
Councillors to decide if we make a response in addition to individual responses made. Due 2 July
ii) To formulate a reply from the Parish Council to MDDC’s consultation on PSPO to control dogs.
(Emailed 24 May and Appendix 1)
B) Communications received since 8 May and forwarded to Councillors by email:
i) Current Planning Applications
a) 21/00939/TPO
Proposal: Application to lift the crown of 1 Yew tree (T6) by 2.5m protected by Tree Preservation Order 67/00006/TPO
Location: 1 Townlands Willand Cullompton Devon EX15 2RR
Response submitted: Willand Parish Council notes it does appear that the tree would benefit from some careful pruning work by an arboricultural specialist. In the absence of an arboriculturalist report members are unable to make a firm recommendation. Parish Councillors will support the findings and recommendations of a Local Authority Tree Officer.
b) 21/00951/HOUSE
Proposal: Conversion and extension of garage to form annex
Location: 1 Mulberry Close Willand Cullompton Devon EX15 2PA
21/00951/HOUSE Planning Link
Response submitted: Willand Parish Council has no objection to this application provided that there is a clear condition that the annex is to be occupied as such and not rented or sold as a separate property.
c) 21/00984/FULL & 21/00985/LBC
Proposal: Conversion of redundant bar and restaurant to 3 self contained apartments
Location: Verbeer Manor Willand Cullompton
Response submitted: Willand Parish council offers no objection.
d) 21/00994/TPO
Proposal: Application to prune 3 small limbs and 1 larger limb back to suitable growth points of 1 Ash tree protected by Tree Preservation Order 02/00010/TPO
Location: Blackdown View Harebell Drive Willand
21/00994/TPO Planning Link
Suggested response: There is no arboriculturists report and the application form shows no evidence of disease or damage to property. The Parish Council has no firm evidence on which to make a recommendation and therefore must support the findings of the MDDC appointed tree specialist.
e) 21/01021/TPO
Proposal: Application to fell 1 Ash tree to ground level protected by Tree Preservation Order
Location: 6 Harpitt Close Willand Cullompton
Suggested response: There is a detailed arboriculturalist report detailing the disease found in the tree and justifying removal. Willand Parish Council has no objection to the removal of the tree but are aware that this is the second tree which has been removed from this site in the past few years. It is recommended that the permission contain a condition requiring the planting of one replacement native species of tree on the site.
ii) Planning decisions notified for information
a) 21/00478/CLP
Proposal: Certificate of lawfulness for the proposed erection of single storey rear extension
Location: 41 Victoria Close Willand Cullompton
Decision: permitted development
b) 20/01608/MFUL – Decision Notice
Proposal: Erection of 1 building unit for Class B2 use (Industrial) (1034sqm) and 5 units for Class E use (Commercial, business and services), including 2 hot food takeaways
(Sui Generis) (409sqm) following demolition of existing dwelling and garage buildings
Location: Culm Valley Filling Station Uffculme Cullompton Devon
Decision: grant permission
iii) Newsletters and other correspondence
Involve Funding News
Nurseplus Care at Home Services
8 Mid Devon Press releases
Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service update
Devon & Cornwall Police update
DCC Highways newsletter
5 NALC bulletins
4 DALC newsletters
Neighbourhood Watch update
2 Mid Devon meeting notifications
3 Rural Services Network bulletins
Hospiscare Newsletter
3 Devon Communities Together bulletins
2 SLCC news bulletins
Coop Community Causes update
MDDC Survey re Culm Garden Village Country Park
3 CPRE Newsletters
Devon Climate Emergency Newsletter
C) Communications not referred to Councillors
40 plus emails offering various seminars, equipment and services.

Barbara Bodkin
Clerk to Willand Parish Council
4 June 2021

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