Full Council

Thursday 9 July 2020 - 19:00 at Online Meeting via ZOOM
The co-option of any person wishing to stand as a Parish Councillor to the vacancies left by
the resignation of two councillors who have provided notice of this to the Clerk.
1. Apologies
To receive and agree any apologies from Councillors
Councillor Wilcox sends her apologies
2. To receive any declarations of interest from Members on any of the agenda items.
3. Items brought forward from the Chair
4. Public questions on any of the agenda items
5. To approve the minutes of the meeting held:
Parish Council meeting Thursday 11 June 2020 (circulated)
6. Reports
a) District Councillors Chesterton, Evans and Warren
b) County Councillor Radford
7 a) Progress Reports for information
I} The order for the replacement play equipment in the Jubilee Field had been placed. It was
expected that work would take place in the first week of September.
Ii} The order for the replacement of the surface of the skateboard area had been placed.
iii) The Clerk had submitted the response to the consultation on the Design guide
iv) The Clerk had circulated a report based on the decisions made at the Council meeting of 11
June with regard to the consultation on Open Spaces (Dog orders) and taking into account
Councillors comments had submitted to MDDC and put on the website.
7b) Items for discussion and decision
i) How the Parish Council respond to the MDDC questionnaire on the draft code of conduct.
ii) MDDC announced that they would reopen playgrounds on 6 July. Taking on board the
Government guidelines and information circulated regarding risks to decide how the Parish Council
would proceed with opening playgrounds.
8. Finance
a) Payment Authorisation for invoices received since 11 June.
b) Income in June.
c) Income & Expenditure report
9. Neighbourhood Plan – Councillor Little
a) To approve the Terms of Reference circulated with the agenda
b) To receive any further update on the development of the Neighbourhood Plan
10. Meeting dates
Formal meetings at the village hall have been suspended in line with Government guidelines.
Notification of online meetings will be published on the Village notice boards, the Parish Council
website and published on Facebook.
Full Council Thursday 09 July 2020
Full Council Thursday 13 August 2020
Full Council Thursday 10 September 2020
11. Councillors Roundtable
To receive any further information from Councillors and to highlight future agenda items.
12. Communications
a) To consider
i) To decide how to respond to the consultation on the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan
ii) To decide whether the Parish Council will renew membership to Devon Communities Together
b) Communications received since 5 June and forwarded to Councillors by email:
Reopening of the Boundary Commission consultation on draft review end date 19 July 2020
Email from the Power for People regarding the Local Electricity Bill going before parliament.
Text from resident asking for breakdown of reserve funds.
NALC Points of Light 2020
Request from graduate student for circulation of a consultation on bus use in Devon
23/06 CHAT Newsletter & information about new project starting Helping people manage debt.
26/03 June news from Hospice Care
4 Rural Services network updates
7 Mid Devon Committee notifications
8 Mid Devon press releases covering various topics relating to work during the pandemic.
8 Devon County Council articles relating to COVID-19
MDDC decision notice
to approve
planning application
MDDC consultation on planning applications 20/00932/HOUSE Proposal: Erection of two storey
extension Location: 5 Gables Court Willand Cullompton
20/00876/MFUL Proposal: Construction of Cullompton Town Centre Relief Road comprising new
1350 metre road connecting Station Road to Duke Street and associated works
Location: Land at NGR 302456 107324, Cullompton, Devon,
MDDC 20/00003/TPO
Tree Preservation Order for 45 Pedunculate Oaks and mixed broadleaved
trees in woodland. Land at Meadow Park Willand Devon
Email from Calor Rural Community Fund regarding public support and voting.
c) Communications not referred to Councillors
Request from personal fitness trainer for information about open spaces in Willand.
80 plus emails offering various services, seminars or equipment.
Kate Taylor
Clerk to Willand Parish Council
3 July 2020
20200709 Full Council Agenda (2)
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