Full Council

Wednesday 5 May 2021 - 19:00 at on line

1. Election of Chairman
a) Signature of acceptance of office by Chairman
2. Election of Vice-Chairman
3. Apologies
To receive any apologies from Councillors
4. Approval of Minutes of Full Council Meeting held on 8 April 2021 (Circulated)
5. Review and adoption of:
a) Standing orders          )
b) Financial Regulations ) attached
c) Code of Conduct         )
6. To review and agree the formation of Committees and Working Groups
(Terms of Reference and Appendix A attached)
7. Election of Willand United Charities representative
8. Election of Village Hall Committee representative
9. Appointment of Councillor to take an overview on Data Protection Regulations
10. Review of inventory of land and other assets including buildings and office
Equipment. (Asset Register circulated)
11. Review of the Council’s employment policies and procedures
The following draft policies have been circulated for approval.
Health and Safety Policy
Sickness Policy
Grievance Policy
Equality and Diversity Policy
12. Agree the time and place of ordinary meetings of the Council up to and including the next annual meeting of the Council
a) Full Council Meetings on second Thursday of each month at 7pm. Note: August only if needed.
b) Annual Parish Council Meeting to be held on second Thursday of May 2022

Kate Taylor
Clerk to Willand Parish Council

20210505 Annual General Meeting – Appendix A

Re: Item 6 – Formation of Committees

The Committee Terms of Reference were prepared in 2015 and, in accordance with the Standing Orders, must be reviewed at this meeting, to include:
i) Review of delegation arrangements to committees, sub-committees
ii) Review of the terms of reference for committees
iii) Appointment of members to existing committees
iv) Appointment of any new committees in accordance with standing order 4

Points to consider and agree regarding current and future arrangements include:-

Finance & Administration Committee
Councillors may wish to keep the membership at a minimum of 7 with the option to set up a smaller Working Group for a specific task e.g. Recruitment.

Planning, Lighting & Transportation Committee and Environment Committee
The number of meetings held each month had been intended to be discussed in 2020, but the lockdown and subsequent decision to hold one on line meeting a month brought about an abrupt change to the meeting pattern.

Councillors are advised to consider disbanding the Planning, Lighting & Transportation Committee and Environment Committee at this time and to continue considering routine matters on the Full Council Agenda. The system of planning applications being highlighted by email and discussed with a proposed response has been very effective and could be maintained. There would be an option to request an extension to the response date for planning applications initially set by MDDC if necessary. If a complex planning application or specific issue arises, a Working Group could be set up and bring information at Full Council meetings for a decision.

Working Groups
Current: Cemetery Working Group
Neighbourhood Plan Working Group
Recruitment Working Group
Proposal: As situations arise, there could be a Working Group set up e.g. for Highways
(comprising of those Councillors who have received Chapter 8 training), or for
specific Planning or Environmental issues, etc.

20150910 Committee Terms of Reference

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