Willand Cemetery is owned and maintained by Willand Parish Council as a final resting place for the people of Willand.  People who live outside the village are able to be interred in the cemetery if they or their family request this.

The cemetery is secluded and peaceful and the Parish Council wish to maintain it as place for those who wish to remember their loved ones to be able to walk and sit in quiet surroundings.  The Parish Council would ask that all visitors respect these ideals and behave accordingly, keeping dogs on a lead and being aware of others who might be visiting at the same time.


Willand Parish Cemetery and Garden of Rest Rules and Regulations

These rules and regulations are intended to enable the Parish Council to maintain the cemetery in a way that complies with the law and health and safety factors while ensuring it is a pleasant environment to visit.

Willand Cemetery Rules and Regulations

2021-2022 Willand Cemetery Fees

Please note the Fees will be scheduled for review in September 2022