The Parish Council has a statutory obligation to hold an Annual Parish Meeting in the month of March. These meetings are a time for the residents to come together to find out what the Parish Council has been doing on their behalf during the previous year, to hear of any plans for the coming year and to feedback ideas and concerns relating to the village.

There is also the opportunity for the groups that are active in the village to give a report on the activities for the past year and to highlight the things they are planning to do during the coming year.

Each year the date for the meeting is announced in the Willand Magazine, on social media and put up on the notice boards around the village.

We look forward to seeing you in March!

Willand Parish Annual Meeting 2022 Reports from village organisations

Annual Parish Meeting Agenda - 10 March 2022

The Annual Parish Meeting will take place at 7pm on Thursday 10 March 2022. Please click on this link to see the agenda 20220310 Annual Parish Meeting agenda

Willand Parish Annual Meeting 2019 Reports from village organisations

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Willand Parish Annual Meeting 2018 Reports from village organisations

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