Local Representatives

Member of Parliament 

Neil Parish     Tel:  02072197172   email:

Mid Devon Ward Councillors

Richard Chesterton    Tel: 01884 33480    email:

Bob Evans                 Tel: 01884 849248   email

Barry Warren             Tel: 01884 34670     email:

Devon County Councillor

Ray Radford              Tel: 01884 820000   email:


Other useful numbers

POLICE  non urgent calls telephone 101  email:

Crime figures

Devon County Council 

Mid Devon District Council 

Customer service 01884 255255   email:



Willand Defibrillators

There are two defibrillators in Willand, one outside the Pre-School in Gables Road and the other in Old Village outside the Post Office.

Should you need to access one dial 999 and explain and the operator will give you a code to unlock the one nearest to you.

Click here for a link to show you how the machine works.